About PSPinc

ClockLink.com provides the most widely used free web clock in the world with over 30 million views around the world. In addition, clocks can be set to display any time zone in the world, so they are not only decorative but very practical as well. You can use a free ClockLink clock to show what time it is in your area. There is no charge to use any of the clocks on your website or blog, they are completely free!

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was founded in July 1987 on Mercer Island, Washington, by Ken Uchikura. His vision was to bring US software technology to Japan by licensing and localizing software Products. That was just the beginning...

Shifting focus in the 1990's, PSPinc changed from "double byte specialist" to "internet specialist." The very first web server went live in January 1996. Since then, our internet business has grown to serve 35,000 companies spanning from Seattle to Japan.

Professional Internet and Computer related services come from the technology developed by our research and development team. Unlike other companies, PSPinc has 100% control over what we sell and provide as our services and products. Therefore, we stand behind all our products and service.

To learn more about our products and service visit us online at www.pspinc.com

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